All Eyes on the Market

If being inquisitive is all about continued curiosity, never giving up and just being determined to keep quizzing then yes, we are going to hold our hands up and admit, that’s absolutely us!

That feels great, to be able to get that out there and not only because we are just keen on communication but we also love being up front about how we operate.  Its about having our expert eyes all over the place!

So, back to the topic of “inquisitivity” if that’s a word (we have made it one for the purpose of this blog)  – for us, this is all about eagerness to research and look at market trends, behaviours and the movement in the employment world. 

Something we talk about in great depth is the formula of “Research, Recognise, Recruit, Retain”

Let’s start with research and just how we look at this as part of our service provision.  As The Staffing Experts, its absolutely essential that we use our experience and professionalism to keep up to date with how the job market is taking shape.  The wider scope of business often dictates skills that are in demand closely followed by salary expectations and demands.  Given the range of sectors we work in, we know as recruitment professionals, it’s our responsibility to our clients to ensure we are always on point with what’s happening in the staffing environment.  Its fair say that “staffing” is more than just recruitment.  Its like thinking that accounting is just a trial balance!  Staffing is all about knowledge, expertise, application and heaps of amazing communication skills.

Research is a vital component in this.  On a regular basis we are exploring the salaries for a variety of roles and being up to date on not just local but regional and national trends.  We see it as essential to invest in this as part of our service.  Our research takes on a variety of forms and we use a range of techniques to help us with this.  Whilst time is spent on the jobs market and associated salaries and movement of people, we also focus on sector developments.  I guess there is a detective in all of us and we don’t mind admitting we love the research we do.  Ultimately, this is all to ensure we provide the best level of service to our clients and candidates. 

If we could offer any advice to a potential client or candidate of a recruitment organisation, take the time to ask more of them – probe more into the understanding of the market – it really makes a difference and will help you determine if you are in fact, dealing with experts!

Research studies is just one part of the complete service we offer.

If you would like a confidential discussion and ask us more about our style and standard of service, please just contact