Public Sector

Public Sector

Public Sector and Healthcare Recruitment Services – UK & Beyond

At The Staffing Experts, we have carved a niche for ourselves in public-sector recruitment. Our expertise extends from local authorities and educational institutions to the NHS, providing a comprehensive range of staffing solutions.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional service, apply our deep understanding of the sector, and connect skilled professionals with roles that match their abilities and aspirations.

For Organisations

The Staffing Experts are your partners in navigating the complexities of public sector recruitment. Our broad understanding of this sector, coupled with an extensive network of candidates, enables us to fulfil a spectrum of roles.

  • Public Sector Savvy: We bring to bear our wide-ranging experience across various roles within the public sector, including local authorities, education, and the NHS.
  • Tailored Solutions: We offer flexible recruitment strategies, catering to temporary roles as well as permanent contracts.
  • Comprehensive Recruitment: From office administrators and cleaners to hospital housekeepers and porters, we cover every role within your organisation.
  • Sustained Partnership: We aim to forge enduring relationships, demonstrating our competence and consistently enhancing your recruitment process.

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For Candidates

The Staffing Experts are a trusted partner when searching for your ideal role in the public sector. We offer exclusive job opportunities, provide CV advice, and offer interview coaching to help you secure your dream job.

  • Targeted Opportunities: Get access to job openings tailored specifically to various public sector streams.
  • Career Guidance: Leverage our industry knowledge and strong relationships with leading organisations in the sector.
  • Role Diversity: Explore job opportunities across all levels, from entry-level positions to more specialised roles.
  • Personalised Recruitment Journey: We offer a recruitment process that is tailored to your skills, preferences, and career goals to ensure long-term happiness in your new role.

Not all of our assignments are advertised so get in touch for a confidential conversation about our current vacancies.

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Our Experience in Public Sector Recruitment

Our CEO, Jo Hand, and our north-east team have a comprehensive understanding of the public sector thanks to decades of experience recruiting within it. This equips us with unique insights when it comes to sourcing high-quality candidates matched to the sector’s distinctive needs.

Wide Range of Roles

We undertake recruitment for a plethora of roles within the public sector, including Administrative Assistants, Managers, Porters, Executive Assistants and Housekeepers, among others.

Broad Industry Coverage

Our expertise spans numerous sub-sectors within the public sector, ensuring dynamic and effective recruitment solutions customised to your needs.

Project-Based Work and Assessments

Beyond traditional recruitment, we also offer specialised solutions for project-based work. We excel at crafting strategic project plans and implementing large-scale recruitment strategies that align with your specific requirements and timelines.


Lee was extremely helpful and supportive throughout the recruitment process. He was always prepared to go out of his way and help where possible. I would strongly recommend him and his company to anyone seeking new opportunities

Logan Brown

I’ve known Lee for several years now and have worked with him on two employment opportunities. The most recent was for a position with a multinational company managing part of their global service business. The information Lee gave me at every stage was detailed, accurate and targeted – the advice prior to each of the interviews was invaluable. If you have a position to fill or are looking for a new challenge, Lee is an excellent person to talk with and discuss what you are trying to achieve – the advice will be honest and balanced – the information will be useful.

Andrew Cross

I have known Lee from the time he was a production manager at a paper mill and got in touch with him again when he contacted me about an opportunity in the UK several years later. I can honestly say that he was key in the negotiations with my present employer and helped out in my and my family’s transition to the UK and was very professional in handling the case. Without his involvement, I would not have taken on the role. In my role in the UK, I also utilized his services for high-end recruitment since he has a large network of contacts in the market and a good track record.

Jorma Järvinen

Lee filled 4 positions for me within the engineering/technical departments. His level of service was excellent ensuring that the whole recruitment exercise was completed efficiently in the time scale projected.

Paul Freeman